Sunday, September 21, 2008

We are Our Experiences

... and here's a few of mine. Things I started. Things I haven't finished. Intentions. Let's start with the oldest first.

This is one of the first patterns I pulled from a magazine. I have no idea where I found it, because I copied the pattern by hand, as you can see here. The threads aren't even marked. I'm guessing it's probably about twenty years old, maybe twenty-five. That's odd. I'm only twenty-two...
Next we have an attempt to fix a problem. I had started on a sampler for a friend's wedding. Then it vanished. Just vanished. Perhaps a new black hole appeared when Starbucks came to San Diego. Anyway, this was a second attempt to made a wedding sampler. However charming the replacement pattern is, though, it just didn't seem appropriate to this couple. I think I wound up giving them a CrockPot. Three years later, they're still going strong, so if the started project ever reappears...
And lastly, a truly beautiful one. The last of the bunch and certainly the one I will enjoy stitching on the most. It looks like a garden in Siena and a I'd like to just slip right into the picture.

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