Monday, September 8, 2008

Finishing Season

Today marks "Go to Your Studio and Make Stuff's" 13-month anniversary! Woo-hoo! Nope, I just can't do thing the way normal folks do. Not a year, but 13 months...

It seems that I'm spending a lot of time finishing objects but, what with Christmas on it's merry way, finishing stuff is a good idea! And I always love the idea of handmade gifts. At least for the women-folk. Men just don't seem to enjoy anything handmade unless it's edible.

To that idea: "Serenity" is completed. I really like the soft colors in this one.

Also completed (but in need of "finishing"): Guardian Angels Birth Sampler. The alphabet that came with it was too large for a long-ish name so I had to unsew what I had started, re-chart, and re-sew. But at least I remembered to sign it! (Yes, the last name is covered. It seems only fair.)
And I've started a little something for myself... which means I'll have to back-burner it soon. Presenting the Red Herring Purse!
I really like this sumptuous cotton yarn: it almost feels like velvet!

1 comment:

Linda said...

Happy 13 month anniversary! :)
Serenity is beautiful! Love the fabrics/colors! Great job on the sampler! Can't wait to see your purse! Don't back burner it! you deserve to make something for yourself every now and then! :)