Saturday, September 6, 2008

I Finished My Socks!

That's right, they're done, wearable. What a relief to be finished with something started at least a year ago... and I'm already looking for a new sock pattern. Is this some kind of sickness?

Butterflies on Nine-Patches
(Just another cross-stitch UFO) I seem to recall starting this one on vacation in Hawaii... but I don't really know. I'd like to say I've been in a coma since and that's why I don't remember stuff, but I've always been that way. Note to daughter: don't put me in the home for that!

And these are Scrap Trick blocks. I'm putting 'em together for a prayer quilt. Nope, don't know who it's for yet.


Chiloe said...

I like your UFO : it looks very much like you ;-)

Linda said...

Love the socks! So vibrant! LOok comfy :D The butterfly/9patch emb is cute - can't wait to see the finished result. Thank you for the link to the scrap trick pattern - might have to try that myself! Although yours looks much more lined up/on point (<-really do not know my quilting lingo! lol) than mine would ever be! Great job!