Friday, September 5, 2008

How to Look Busy, Part 2

This darling sampler was begun three years ago, but the woman whose child it was to be for had the audacity to give birth to a boy. (A boy, can you believe it?) So, it went into the drawer. Now, little Celia Rose is gracing the planet so I have a happy reason to complete it!

So I spent most of yesterday organizing my cross-stitch stuff. I have a large storage bin where I keep my patterns, kits, and fabric. My needles and floss go into a smaller bin that sits atop it. I keep an inventory sheet inside and a duplicate in a file in my desk. When things change, I change the paper. You can see a portion of it in the picture below that features a stack of patterns. I put most of the patterns in page protectors and into two binders: one for used patterns, one for unused.

As I was going through stuff, making notes on my inventory sheet, I found 10 more cross-stitch pieces in progress. Whoa! Some have been barely started, some are near completion, but haven't been worked on during sixteen years of wedded bliss!

Oh, that reminds me of our wedding sampler (unfinished) I have stashed away in an entirely different place. (sigh.) 11.So that's how I organize my projects. I'm curious. How do YOU do it? Are you like Jan, that only ever has one piece in progress? Are you like Cathy, who can't even buy supplies for a new project until the old one is done? Or are you like me: way too many ideas for one person?

And here you will see "Dream Dancer." I started this in 2003 and I got a pretty good start but now Tiny prefers Asian characters. Huh. Well, I like it. Maybe I'll pick it back up.
UFO Population Control:
New rule when I've got 13 (ack!) cross-stitch UFOs (Unfinished Fabric Objects): finish two, then it's okay to start a fresh one. In this way, I'll whittle down the stack without feeling deprived.

Unfortunate development: The updated Inventory sheet did NOT get saved. Fortunately, I printed out two copies so I can go back and put it all in again. (sigh)

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Linda said...

The Dream Dancer is absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to see it finished!