Sunday, October 12, 2008

Knit Happens

First I have to tell you about Saturday morning. My knitting friend, Sherry, and I met at Liberty Station, as we usually do. Sometimes the group is much larger, but this week it was just the two of us.
Now and then we are joined by a new friend who finds us through Ravelry or Yahoo groups.
Well, there we were, chattering on, knitting our little brains out, when who should show up but Daryl Hannah. You know, the actress who knits those lovely garter stitch scarves? She sat down and we taught her how to purl. Okay, Sherry taught her. I got distracted when Debra Messing showed up with a sumptuous sequined silk/rayon DK weight that she's working into a shrug. The whole morning kinda fell apart, though, when our new members got into a tussle about the right way to knit: picking or throwing. Heavens! That was just when Lawrence Fishburn appeared with an amazing grey cashmere and... well, you'll just have to imagine the rest because I'm done. The only part about these celebs that is true is that they all knit.

Now a little update with my cross-stitch projects: I completed Snowy Evening... at least the stitch-y part. I think I'll finish it the same way I did Liberty Bears.
And here's the October portion of The Red Thread. I sewed most of it in a breezeway between two coffeeshops near Tiny's school. I call that spot "my happy place."
Also, I pulled "Warm Water Wash" out of the closet and got some more work done on it. Frankly, I think it could be finished pretty quickly at this point. All that's left is a bit at the bottom. I completed the sand castle today while I was watching "Persuasion." You can see theblue bucket is about half done. All that's left is the picnic basket, the right pole, and sewing on the buttons.

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