Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Check out this cool sock. The pattern is called "Bellatrix," named for the evil psychotic witch in the Harry Potter series. (Okay, one of the evil psychotic witches.) I love that the designer choses "twisted rib" for the the cuff--how appropriate. And the dropped stitch pattern that looks like a bajillion mistakes. It looks like a psycho designed it: marvelously, madly evil! I'm calling the project "Playtime at Azkaban." That's the name of bedlam/prison that she escaped from.I've been on a major knitting jag. I think part of the deal is that it's portable: much more so than my super sewing machine, Molly. It's been so hot lately that being in a home without A/C is... a thing to be avoided. So I go out. Starbucks is nice. But less computer time that way.

Some cross-stitch is happening, but mostly knitting. I want to finish Tiny's knitted Christmas pressie, but ...Azkaban is calling...

Okay, who put the curse on my car? I mean it. Thursday, the engine light went on: $500 later, I managed a reasonable weekend, um, knitting. Then Monday morning, that blasted light went on again: this time it signaled a $1000 repair, which we'll skip for now. And now, the Man of the Place was driving it and got backed into by a kid in a parking lot! Add this to the two not-my-fault minor accidents earlier this year and I'm beginning to think this is deliberate. (Of course, it could be coordianated action by the Coalition to Get Desi Out of Her Old Car And into a Hybrid. Yeah, that's what it is. The boys from CGDOHOCAH.)
Oh, and my birthday's Friday! Yep. Twenty-two.... What? Zip it and wish me a happy birthday already!

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Rachel said...

That's such a cool sock pattern! Thanks for sharing, and I'm a huge HP fan too!