Thursday, November 6, 2008


This pattern was actually quite fun to sew. The butterflies matched the blocks they were hovering over and did not appear until the backstitching was completed. Kudos to the designer.
So it's finished. I think I may have that longed-for malady: finishitis. It's the compliment to startitis. You know, startitis is when you must start projects and start projects and start more, which leads to seeing UFOs--Unfinished Fabric Objects. Finishitis means I am compelled to finish items, no matter when they were begun.
detail of Butterflies on Nine-Patches

And the Red Herring Purse has less than 20 rows of knitting left! All that's left is the embroidery and the finishing up.

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Chiloe said...

Congratulations !! it looks great ;) I love this design and the beautiful vivd colors .