Monday, November 3, 2008

Think Lovely Thoughts!

That's what Peter Pan told Wendy was the trick to flying. This is Tiny's Hallowe'en costume. I only had to make it twice. The first one I made according to the pattern which apparantly was for a caryatid, those architectual columns shaped like very tall, thin women.* The second was my version of the pattern. I added a panel to the original skirt and made a new bodice based on actual body measurements. As you can see, it came out just dandy and she was thrilled.

I tried to pretend I was on Project Runway and trying to bang out an evening gown in six hours. Didn't work. Guess Heidi won't be saying "Guten tag" to me anytime soon.

*The reason I know this goes back to all those hours playing Dungeons & Dragons as a teenager. And Mom and Dad thought I was just flirting with nerds. Hah! I showed them! I was really dating... nerds. But I married a... supernerd. But most of my friends are... well, I think we all know where this is going.

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