Thursday, December 25, 2008

Today's Blog is Brought to You by the Word "Domestic"

The Gentle Art of Domesticity
I asked for this book for Christmas. I usually prefer to get my books at the library but this is a keeper! The author talks about domesticity vs. domestication. I think that I am quite domestic but not domesticated. I like to make lovely things that make the home a comfortable place, but the day-to-day cooking and keeping house don't ring my bell. The essays are like water to my spirit and the photos are energizing, too.
And speaking of domesticity...
Cielo is nearly finished. What's left to do?
  1. Handsew down the rest of the binding.
  2. Make a label
  3. Handsew it down.

I think I'll be done before New Year's!

Other domestic joys:
  1. Christmas Eve with my folks was absolutely lovely. A good, filling, but not overblown dinner of short ribs, baked potatoes, arugula-pear salad, green stuff, spinach, carrots, and pumpkin pie. The stress levels were way down. I didn't bother digging out the Christmas dishes and every single decoration. And everyone seemed to like their gifts.
  2. The man of the place made panetone French Bread for breakfast--mmmmmmmmmmm!
  3. My stocking was filled with stuff I need: fabric, rotary blades, thread, pins, and socks. (Also a Shakespeare pop!)
  4. And my beloved family gave me the knitting needles I asked for! No diamonds, no pearls, just exactly what I wished for.

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tshquilts said...

love your quilts and socks.
What book or pattern would you recommend to someone who has not knitted for many years, but would like to make some socks?