Friday, December 26, 2008

Socks and Quilts Galore

I probably knitted about 25 stitches today, but that was putting it on my new needles! I'm going to switch over to Magic Loop Method. Oot-oot!

And speaking of socks....

tshquilts said...
love your quilts and socks. (Thanks, tsh!) What book or pattern would you recommend to someone who has not knitted for many years, but would like to make some socks?
Oh, that's easy! My "go-to" sock pattern is Ann Norling's Adult Socks II: Play on Ribs... funny, now that I look at it, I don't follow it to the letter. I stop the ribbing wherever I feel like it (usually after 2" of cuff) and just do plain knitting (stockinette to those in the know). I'm slow enough already without all that switching from purl to knit. But back to the topic: This pattern not only has sizes for tinies and grups (adults), but it has instructions that accomodate 3 different common yarn weights: worsted, sport, and fingering!
But let me open this up to you all: what's your favorite easy sock pattern?

One more piece of advice: if you have to start over a few times, Baby, know that you're not alone. I've made 18 socks. I've started probably 30 times. You do the math.
Here's the quilt that I had to be so cagey about:
I couldn't show the football fabric without giving it away. My beloved Uncle Don is a huge Buffalo Bills fan, so I found some appropriate Bills colored fabrics in my stash (Stashbuster Alert) and put it together with the football. I titled it, "Are You Ready for Some Football?" When I bought the Football fabric, I thought I'd only need a small amount, for the borders, so I was thinking a yard, to be on the safe side, then I thought maybe I'll just use it for the back, so I said, "Two yards, please." Then something made me say, "No, make that two and a half." Clearly, I was way overbuying and overbuying fabric that was so not me. Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, friends. Here's what's left over:
What's happening today, you ask? Ah, yes. Today I been quiltin' big-time! I finished Cielo: ta-da!
And I started a NEW QUILT. Yes, not one that I started a year ago and not one as a gift, but a genuine new quilt based on the fat quarters that graced my stocking! I had a lovely yard of fabric in the stash that goes very well! Here's what's going on so far:
I've chopped up all the fabric for the blocks--yay!

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Bonnie said...

I''ve just started making socks. Used a pattern I didn't particularly like but the socks are done and are being worn. Does Adult Socks 11 teach the Magic Loop Method? I bought the book about knitting on two circular needles but haven't found both sets of circular needles. What is the magic about Magic Loop? Thanks. B.