Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Magical Magic Loop

Bonnie said...
I've just started making socks. Used a pattern I didn't particularly like but the socks are done and are being worn. Does Adult Socks II teach the Magic Loop Method? I bought the book about knitting on two circular needles but haven't found both sets of circular needles. What is the magic about Magic Loop?

Nope. Adult Socks II has you using 4 DPNs (That's double pointed needles for you non-knitters. And before your imagination gets going all weird with some convoluted bent stick thing, you oughta know that a DPN is a straight stick with a point on both ends. That's all.)

Here's a pic I found on the net that shows Magic Loop pretty clearly.
Being a one-day veteran (bow in wonder!) of the Magic Loop method, I can tell you that the only magic I'm seeing is a lowered likelihood of dropping stitches, and a near impossibility of losing needles. Oh, also, it seems to go pretty fast and for a slowpoke like me, anything to speed me up is a good thing. Sock Diva (you know who you are) got me going yesterday morning and I cooked right along. I've already turned the heel (it's kinda square!) and am about halfway through the sole.
And I've been obsessed, as Tiny would say, with my Polka Dot Garden quilt. This is just plain fun for me! And if you think it's loud, well, all I can say is, "Duh!" I have found that it's really important to make stuff ASAP from gift materials. That way people know how happy you are with your gifties. I'm so happy that I already had this Jacobean-inspired fabric that picked up all the colors of the polka dot fabric that was in my stocking. (The pattern is called "Barbara's Antique" and is from Debbie Caffrey.) I'll probably sash it in white to calm it down a little.

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