Monday, December 29, 2008

I Liked It So Much I Bought It Twice!

I was stuck. Really stuck. I used this fun Jacobean print with the polka dots, but I only had 1 measly yard and used it all up in the blocks. But I still had to make the final border. What would go with everything? I am against using white in the outside of a quilt because that's where hands mostly go. Hands aren't always clean. I think you can follow the logic. So I'm pulling out purple, pink, blue, yellow. Nothing looks right. I mean, really. This quilt is crazy (although it's not a Crazy Quilt). So, in a fit of what-the-blank, I pulled out the multicolored fabric boxes and guess what? I found a whole 'nother yard of the Jacobean! Ya-hoo!

Also, I'm starting two more quilts before year's end: this one will be simple. It's called "Late Bloomers" because it's floral on black. It's a great way to, what? That's right, use up stash fabric and use the pink fabric Santa brought me.The pink and the orchids will alternate, and this will be the border.Also, I pulled this puppy out. I've been wanting to work on it for a while, so it's going to get some attention!

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