Tuesday, December 30, 2008

UFOs Spotted Circling Local Studio

We're getting ready for New Year's Eve here! Planning the menu, baking a cake, making little yummies for our dear friends and family. We do an open house and play games. It's fun! C'mon by!

Also, I have been going through and pulling out some of my UFOs. I thought I'd share a few pictures. BUT, just because I'm showing them to you does NOT mean I'm working on them. I thought that looking at them might inspire me. We'll see.
Nine Batik Stars
These blocks are lovely. I look forward to putting them together. I have more of the background color and I like this batik for a border.

Butterfly Garden Quilt Sampler
Barely started--I've probably only spent an hour on it--but likely to be very pretty.

Sleep, Baby, Sleep
I was planning to put this up in my daughter's nursury but, as she's fourteen, she probably wouldn't appreciate it now.

Crescent Dreams
This was a birth gift for a boy who is past toddler age. Again, probably not appropriate.
To Have and To Hold
It's not specific to anyone... yet. I don't remember having much fun sewing on it, so it may never get done.
New Love Blooms
This is our wedding sampler. We've only been married sixteen years, so it's still good. Right?

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Chiloe said...

My private jet plane is not working right now so I'm sorry I cannot come, but thanks anyway !!! :-D

Like seeing the UFO's, especially the one for your daughter nursery (she could use for her own baby's room !!! lol)

Happy new year !!!!