Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome to 2009!

You know what I love to hear? When a party hopper says, "I was having so much fun I stayed longer than I meant to." That's a very good sign. I like to run New Year's like an open house so party hoppers can come and go, regulars can stay all night, and those who barely made it out of the house at 11 pm are still comfortable to arrive late and stay late. Tiny has an annual sleepover to extend the party and that makes for buckets more fun.
We had a great crowd. Not too many and not too few. But there was still room for you.
Many games got a good airing out: I played Imaginiff (a Christmas present), Apples to Apples (Santa's surprise gift), and Trivial Pursuit 20th Anniversary--it was so hard we wound up helping each other to get the answers! That made for a very congenial group. And noisy.

And this morning, with God's help, I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to watch to Rose Parade. Meanwhile, I cut out the fabric for Ben's quilt. I think the colors are toned-down enough for a fellah and I know he has a special affinity for dragonflies. Say a little prayer for Him will ya? He needs help getting a new start in a new place.This is the pattern I'm working on... from this book:I took a class from this teacher in the summer and she made this sooo do-able.

Oh, and Stashbuster Alert! I'm making it from fabrics in the stash! Can I hear a woot-woot?!

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