Sunday, January 11, 2009

MiPod has Cables

Whoa! It's been a week since my last post! How did that happen? It must have been that crazy trip with Joaquin Phoenix to Malaysia... Oh, no, I dreamed that. Ah, well.

Okay, I haven't been jet-setting, but I have kept busy. I finished the stippling on the Polka Dot Garden...
...and the chartreuse thread rocked it!

And I got the medallion done on Ben's quilt. I worked about 8 hours on it on Friday. Whew!All that's left for the top is a border. I still don't have a good name for it, though.
One of my favorite things to do while creating pretty things is to listen to podcasts and music on my iPod, Ruby. Ruby also keeps me company while I exercise and do housework. The only problem is that I am a female. Hence, most of my clothes are pocket-free. So, I looked up iPod knitting patterns and found this one! So soon I will have my iPod caddy all ready to go!
Notice the cables? That's right, this girl can do cables. (Woot-woot!) And I only had to change needles three times and yarn once.
Last night I went to one of those Murder Mystery Parties. It was such fun! I was the tarty character (how come I got pegged as the tart?) and the Man of the Place was a gangster. Surprisingly, we were both innocent. It turned out to be the guy who, in real life, is a pastor! Go figure...

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