Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pink Orient

I showed Tiny these three fabrics and asked if she knew anyone who liked Asian prints, as she does, and pink. To my shock, she said that she did know someone: herself. I thought pink had fallen out of favor. But apparently it clawed its way back into her good graces. So I started work on it. For now I'm calling it Pink Orient. I'm just using a disappearing nine patch, as I'm so enamoured of making. Here's a link to my photo tutorial. (It's not as good as another one, but I couldn't find it tonight.)

Then I laid it out in the typical style and showed it to her, just to make sure it was really for her. "It's a little busy, don't you think, Mom?"

I looked at her from under my brows and gave the quick answer: "Have you ever seen the quilts I make?"

She grinned and nodded and that was the end of the exchange. But I gave it a little time and thought about it. I've decided I'll sash the blocks in black to help it settle down a little, like I did with the blue in Everything Groovy. That should do the trick.

Also on the quilting front, I've been working on the binding for Polka Dot Garden. It's moving along, but slowly. I like to hand-sew down the binding. It gives me a chance to fall in love with the quilt.

In knitting news:

I finished the embellishments and put in the interfacing for the Red Herring Purse. I've decided to add dowels into the handle for reinforcing, so I need to wait until I go to the lumber store. But at least it's moving forward. Glacially. Hey, glaciers move! They do. No, they really do. Like a foot. Every year. More with global warming...

And the second Soy Toy sock has turned the heel. Well, it's not automatic, like it knits itself or anything. I actually turned the heel. Wow, that would be cool if it just knit itself right along and I would find it in the morning all done. Like the Tailor of Gloucester in Beatrix Potter's book. Oh, wait, that turned out to be mice that did the work. Never mind.
On Monday, I went to see Kate Jacobs, author of The Friday Night Knitting Club. I really liked the novel and look forward to reading the sequel, Knit Two. She's very articulate and friendly and even acquiesced to my ridiculous request that she pose with my knitting. (I promise, I did try to remove the red-eye effect, but it looked creepy that way, so I just put 'em back to red.)

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