Tuesday, February 3, 2009

...but No Whining!

I've been invaded by a slime monster. It resides in my head so thinking has become a challenge. So I will write very little. But here's some pictures.

Arctic Anarchy close-ups.
Arctic Anarchy in full.

Cowboy Christmas top. Worked on it during the Superbowl.

Dream Dancer continues to improve. This shows the blue behind her head has grown. I've done more. Maybe the next post will show a ...ah, forget it. I'm going back to bed. The best part of being sick: not being expected to do anything!

1 comment:

Chiloe said...

It's true: nobody expects you to do anything when you have a fever ;-)

I know I always tell you that but you are so talented ! I'm also stunned at how fast you seem to make quilt and how nice they are ! It's such a pleasure to look at what you do ;-)