Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pouch Day

No, I am not celebrating marsupials, as Jello suggested, although I am partial to opossums. Today was my day to make zippered pouches!

I went from this:

To this! (Notice the leftovers from Cowboy Christmas!)I scheduled Pouch Day about a month ago. I've been wanting to make more pouches, but I knew that it wouldn't just magically happen. So I put it on the calendar. Then I got sick. But the slime monster has been tamed. Sort of.
Anyway, last night got me pulling out fabrics, especially leftover bits and pieces. I had six--count 'em, six! zippers floating around in my sewing basket so I made six zippered pouches! I kinda designed the sizes of the pouches based on the zippers.

Things I learned:
  1. Don't trim the zippers. That extra fabric is there for a reason. (D'oh!)
  2. While a pouch opening must conform to the zipper, the length of the pouch is only limited by good sense. Or not.
  3. Vary the sizes.
  4. Pins are pointy.
  5. So are needles.
  6. If you put it on the calendar, it's much more likely to happen.
  7. There are lots of tutorials online. I used this one: twelve22.
  8. Don't buy metal zippers. 'Nuff said.

The lining for this was from Leapfrog--which I never posted a picture of but it was cute. Trust me.

Three of 'em were leftovers from Kiwi Twist--the quilt fabric I purchased in New Zealand. It's all used up now--yay!I love the Maori designs...

Stashbuster Alert! Total fabric used is 64" (measured by width of fabric)

And the Albino Bat is nearing completion. I didn't guess how long the strap had to be. Or how big my head was. Say nothing.

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Jackie said...

Kia ora
Being Maori I love your pouches with the New Zealand & Maori fabric their awesome. I want to make some later on when I get the gorgeous fabric. You will be able to find me here at

If they turn out half as good as yours I will be happy - they look reversible too good job