Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Look What Came!

Oh, yes! The first installment of the Jane Austen Yarn Club arrived. This is the Sense and Sensibility sock yarn. The picture makes it look a little orangey. It's more reds, yellows and a little pink. The pattern is a scalloped cuff sock and it looks so pretty! I can't wait to get started...
... And I don't have to wait, because I finished a project! Yes, the Albino Bat mask is pinned to the ironing board as I type this, blocking out. (That's what smart knitters do when they've finished a project. You get it wet and pin it into the shape you want and leave it alone. When it's dry, it should retain its shape.)
And here are my Chunky Churn Dash blocks set with hourglass blocks. I think I'll call this one Whisper. I'll try and sew 'em together today. We'll see.

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Paula said...

LOVE those chunky churn dashes!!!