Thursday, February 12, 2009

Welcome to Sock World

I've--eee!--started the Sense and Sensibility socks. The pattern was tough to start but I got into the swing pretty quickly after the first two or three rows. There's a technique abbreviated as p2tog tbl. Supposedly it means purl two stitches together through back loop. What it actually means is: twist your knitting into a mobius shape, stretch your wrists in ways that the greater apes (man included) have long forgotten, force a camel through the eye of a needle, stick your tongue out and curse because you just dropped the stitch. Okay, maybe it's not that bad... And the edges are starting to scallop: back to happy!The Soy Toy socks (made of soy and something artificial) are officially finished! I sewed 'em closed on Tuesday and wore 'em. On Wednesday, I noted that I had dropped a stitch and was getting a nice little ladder going, so I had to use a crochet hook and some more yarn to fix that, but no big deal. They are now wearable and gorgeous. Okay, they're not exactly identical twins--they're fraternal!
And since I've finished two knitting projects...
I done went shopping! But only for projects I have in the planning stages. This green and pink soysilk (actually a by-product from the manufacture of tofu!) is going to be a lace scarf. (The shoes are just shoes.
And this wants to be a hat for Tiny.
And meet my new hand towel... I guess it still needs some work.

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Becky said...

your new hand towel cracks me up!