Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Watch for Sailors!

Yesterday, in an attempt to appreciate my home town, I stopped at Spanish Landing and took a little walk in the tiniest strip park along the harbor. It was just lovely. Until about 30 sailors nearly trampled me in a horrible jogging accident. Okay, okay. It wasn't like I walked into the middle of a marathon.* They were going in singles and groups of up to four, it seemed. And they dodge walkers very well. Mostly I looked at sailboats, grass, sky, that one guy... Then I headed over to Little Italy for a caffe latte. I put the final borders on Pink Orient. I wish I knew what that Chinese calligraphy really says. I heard about a scientific journal that accidentally put an ad for a brothel on their cover! I think this will make a nice back. I was digging through my Asian fabrics for something without any success whatsoever. Then a wild hair made me open up the purple box. I had four yards of this scrumtious darling. It should do just fine.And Whisper is finishing up, very scrappy, if I do say so myself. I used pieces from the 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" box to make the final border. The style is called "Piano Keys." I still have to do the other two sides, but I really like it as a good way to increase a quilt's size quickly and use up scraps. Here's a link on how to do a really nice one.

*not like that time we drove into the Cody Stampede. That was an oopsy I won't soon forget... So we were visiting Cody, Wyoming on our first cowboy vacation. We knew there'd be a rodeo and we were looking forward to it. Driving into town to visit the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, we became aware of about 200 cows and numerous cowboys headed straight for us and not a block away! "Aah! Turn! Turn!" I shouted. The Man of the Place did so and parked. We hopped out and watched the rest like a parade. It ended well. I bought beads.

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