Sunday, February 22, 2009

Twisted but Happy

Non-Sense and Sensibility Socks

So the heel flap is done and the heel is turned! I really like the stitch pattern. Well, I really like the way I did it. Wrong, I mean. I slipped purl-wise. It's probably very close to what it's supposed to look like. I figured out that I was doing it wrong on the last row, so I wasn't about to pull it out. I'll do it right on the foot and then we'll see.

I brought the Koolhaat to knitting group on Saturday and got quite a bit done. Jo said I was "brave for knitting that in public," but I figured knitters would understand when I went silent or sat there going, "one, two, three, four, oops." It's the toughest pattern I've ever done, but I'm getting it. I even fixed a couple of dropped stitches. I hope.
Sleep Baby Sleep is getting some attention. I got the basketweave done on both sides, and completely filled in on one side. It's pale pink. Yeah, I know you can't tell. Trust me, it's there.I found this on I typed in a destash yarn search and found tons! Of course, I knew better than to go absolutely nuts, so I only bought this. I plan to use it to make the Annetrelac Socks pictured below.
I think it's gonna be really pretty in those blues and pinks and browns.

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