Wednesday, February 18, 2009

No, Really. Who Am I?

As I'm working on the Sense & Sensibility socks, I decided to take a quiz and find out which Austen character I am:
Go figure it's one I know nothing about! Well, that'll be remedied. I plan to read six Austen novels this year.
  1. Sense and Sensibility a
  2. Pride and Prejudice
  3. Mansfield Park
  4. Persuasion
  5. Northanger Abbey (you mean I gotta wait 'til October?)
  6. Emma

So, anyway, here's the sock progress:You can kind of see how pretty the chevron pattern is becoming. I'll block it when I'm done, (get it wet and pin it out to dry) then you'll really be able to see it.

I've got a little further on Pink Orient quilt. Stashbuster Alert! I wanted to use up the three fabrics in the blocks, so I cut it pretty close. All the fan fabric (black background and cream background) is gone and I have just enough of the pink to go around with one little 2" border. Measly, I know, but if you look in the upper left hand corner of the photo above, you'll see a little squarish piece of pink: that's all that will go into the scrap bin.

Detail of Pink Orient

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Jeanne said...

The Pink Orient quilt is delightful!
Jeanne :)