Thursday, May 7, 2009

Penguins on Parade

Here's something fun: I'm putting together a quilt out of squares drawn by children in a first grade classroom! It'll be auctioned off and the winner gets a charming antarctic quilt. The kids had just been studying about penguins, so they decided to focus the quilt in that direction. Cool, huh? I covered part of the center block for privacy. So here's the fabric for the back--cute, huh? I was given all the materials and the plan and that was that.
And here's the story of Beauty's Redemption: Bethie found the abandoned and probably tear-stained quilt blocks at a garage sale. She handed 'em over to me for the quilt ministry. Here's what the blocks probably should have looked like. If you look closely, you can still see the log cabin proto-blocks. I knew better than to try and make the original blocks work by ripping out seams and trying to fit them together. Instead, I chopped! Not much, though. I just made the blocks the same width: some 9", some 11". And then I put 'em together in rows. And the quilt wasn't long enough so I chopped up some more and sewed 'em in. Then I dipped into the batik box for border fabric and voila!

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