Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Spit-Splice Photo Tutorial

Okay, first thing you should know, no scissors for this. Second, it works really well with wool, but not so good with other stuff, especially plant fibers. Let's get going!
  1. Break the yarn by pulling it apart. Now fuzz up the ends real well. Undo the plies and fray what's left.
  2. Now, get those ends wet with some readily available liquid. (Um, that's probably gonna be spit, but I suppose you could use tequila or chocolate milk... but I wouldn't recommend it.)
  3. Lay the ends together, overlapping about 2". Now rub them together against something that provides good friction, such as the leg of your jeans or upholstery fabric. Keep on rubbing until the ends have disappeared.

In this case I wanted to take one color out of my Kureyon yarn--the yellow, so I just broke it out and spliced the purple straight to the orange. Yay!

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