Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Knittiest Place on Earth

I have had some busy times this last week, from wakey-wakey to sleepy-bye. No blogging. No email. No kidding.
Dateline: July 20 DISNEYLAND
I drove a truckload of teenagers the hour and a half north (plus extra for missing the turn-off but I wasn't going to mention that) to Disneyland, which means--of course--I was driving the truck. Boo. Nice truck, don't get me wrong but in my book, the smaller the car, the happier I am. Nuff said.
They abandoned me at the gate--I guess I could have scampered off to find yarn stores, but the $69 entrance fee was probably less than the $$$ exit fee at a yarn store. Anyway, it's "the happiest place on Earth," so I had to go in! Anyway, I brought some friends. Meet my Sweet Little Kumquat Sock. The pattern is Girl's Best Friend from Knit Picks. This is the only pic I could get inside the haunted mansion from my doom buggy. Kumquat also posed outside and around the corner at the pet cemetary. As it was a hot day (July in Anaheim, you may recall), I found myself looking for cool places to sit and knit. Pirates of the Caribbean is nice (but very dark), Indiana Jones is heavily air-conditioned (but the single-rider line is way too fast*), I feel like I should be ordering something in the restaurants, but then I found... Ta-da! The arrivals gate at Star Tours. They have two benches, one well-lit! And they let me sit for as long as I wanted. How did they know I wasn't waiting for someone stuck in a two-hour line? I even left and came back through the exit. No problem.
We stayed in the park until 10:30. The kids would have happily stayed until midnight, but the driver preferred to stay awake while driving. (Just a little bete noir of mine.)
Dateline: July 21(Sleeping)
Dateline: July 22-26 COMIC CON San Diego
I worked the Art Show at Comic Con. This involves long hours with no pay and all the geekiness I can absorb. This convention is the largest grouping of overall fun and interesting people that I've ever attended. Oh, I had such fun! (Tiny loved it too.)
I worked on this cuff, finishing it during a screening of The Vampire Diaries. The best thing I can say about the show is that... um... I met somebody who really liked it. Yay. Good for her. Seems a little too soap-opera-y for me and I'm a bit vampired out.
The Chuck panel opened with Jeffster! They really warmed up the crowd. I found a video of it from someone much closer to the action. If it's your thing, click and enjoy.
I was so excited that my fingers just flew and I made a lot of progress on the leg of Kumquat. I was in the same room with Adam Baldwin (squee!).And the Heroes panel was so thrilling--I was 20' from David Lawrence XVII--I over-knitted and had to rip back 5 rows! This is a very bad pic of Milo Ventimiglia.But here's Kumquat in her natural state, folded over to show her pretty cuff. I think she liked her adventures this week!

*Oh, yeah, I can just hear you: "Poor baby, line's too fast for her. Awwwww..."

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