Sunday, August 2, 2009

Five Socks

Who is the Knittin' Fool? She be me. I brought my completed Beach Dwarf sock to Earth Mother to see if they'd fit her, 'cuz they're clearly way too big for me. I thought I might have to frog the toes and knit 'em smaller but I was in luck. (And so was she: free socks!) This gave me the impetus to knit the last inch or two on the second sock, so.... All done! (yay) The clips are there to show where the ends of my feet are. So glad we don't all have the same size feet!
And the Socks for Cutting Hair are done, too. The last of the knitting was completed on Main Street, Disneyland, so I think I knitted some fun into them. I wasn't able to get the Man of the Place to model them until last night, though. "Oh, the light's not good." "You want me to model now?"(shaking sudsy hands at me) "I'm working." Last night I ambushed him. "Put these on and pose!" He obeyed.

And I figured I had freedom to cast on a sock I've been wanting to try. The pattern is called Cabletini from Wendy Knits. Here's a pdf link that will immediately download the free pattern. I'm calling mine Cherrytini Jubilee. This is the second pair of two-ups I've tried. The designer has written a book of toe-up socks so I have hope that these will actually fit me.So I think this will be a no-stitch summer. The reasons are two-fold:
  1. I don't want to sweat on my projects (hello, it's summer. duh.)
  2. I want a chance to miss my cross-stitch. Then I can come back to it with happy-happy joy-joy attitude.

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