Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Hartfield is happily under way. I haven't been sleeping really well (it's hot) and this project is very engrossing. I've never knitted on something that required so much attention. Gotta say I like it! Gotta say it would have driven me crazy last year. This is a close-up to show the pattern a little better.I purchased this yarn recently: Sugar Rush. Yes, it's made of sugar cane fiber! (So I can nosh if I'm hungry--can you just imagine me like a goat, with a strand of this stuff hanging out of my mouth?) It's got a sheen, like granulated sugar. It's a pale lavender and I've got the pattern all picked out: Clapotis.
Podcast highlight: Stitch It!
Meghan is like a good friend, just talking about what crazy projects she's got underway. She's a real "can-do" kinda gal, which I find inspirational. While it's ostensibly a knitting podcast, she also talks about spinning, gardening, hair products, her adorable kid and husband and extended family. There's always a section called "My Favorite Things": it could be music, food, or anthing that strikes her fancy that week. I really enjoy listening and this is one of my Favorite Things.

I'm planning to do some quilting today. We'll see. I also have housework. (blah)

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