Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Little Things Mean a Lot

My own homemade row counter. I used jump rings and soldered rings and a pretty lampworked bead. I like how it goes with my Cherrytini Jubilee socks. I've almost finished the first one. Squee!I call this top Jane Austen. Somehow that blue always takes me back to her. All the blocks are Mile-a-Minute blocks made from tee-ninecy scraps. Yes, made that since the last blog entry.

My exciting new hobby: Geocaching! Have you heard of it? You go to this site: Here. This movie clip explains it really well.

When I looked it up, there are 32 (!) caches within a mile of my house. Some are urban--found one attached to a fire hydrant--and some are in the wild, just off a hiking trail. This is what I found in one cache in a local canyon.
Who Says Size Matters? These socks fit perfectly. And I can do the finger can-can in them. La-da! Da-dee-da-da!

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