Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Conversation Between Me, Myself, and I

Me: It's hot.
Myself: It's Thursday. It was hot yesterday.
I: But we had someplace to go yesterday.
Me: I don't wanna be hot.
Myself: Where can we go that's cool? What is cool?
Me: Cheese is cool. Can we go to cheese?
Myself: (sighs) No. We can't go to cheese. (looks at I) What else is cool?
Me: Fonzie is cool.
Myself: That's nice. But cool to the touch.
Me: (waving hand) Ice! Ice is coo--
Myself: Thanks, anyway. Back to the subject.
I: No, wait. Ice is a good idea...
Myself: What? Iceland? That's kind of a long commute.
I: No! The ice rink!
Me: I don't wanna go skating...
Myself: No need. There's chairs and tables...
Me: And people to watch!
I: And I can bring my knitting!
All together: Score!

And I finished a pair of socks while I was there. What? Two socks make a pair, right?


sophie said...

I can't wait until things cool down a bit here because I have been itching to knit and I just . . . can't . . . do it when it's 100 degrees outside. I just heard that we'll have a "cool" high of 89 degrees today. Not quite knitting weather . . . yet.

Desi said...

Got a skating rink? Or, barring that, a nice cool Starbucks?