Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Knit or Be Killed: Glove Wars is Coming

I got a squishy! I've been waiting since June for this baby. It's my Jayne hat. (some assembly required) The woman who makes these kits has a kid with special needs and sells the kits and the premade hats to help keep above water. Love it! Bigger yarn than I'm used to. It should knit up in a flash!

But I have a delay: gloves of doom!
No! Not these! Not my beautiful Hartfield Gloves!
Gloves that kill! I am a part of... Glove Wars! I have received the dossier on my target and will knit her a pair of beautiful blue gloves. Barring my death, she will receive them from me and die. Okay, yes, it's a game. A silly game. A knitting and mailing stuff game. For further details on this madness, go to the Glove Wars Home Page.
But it doesn't start until Thursday night. So, let's see, this is Tuesday, I have about, oh, 53 hours to knit what I want until I must kill or be killed. Probably both.
If I am killed, here are the notes on my most recent Mile-a-Minute quilt blocks so you can finish the quilt for me. (sad yet noble music to be played here) Above you can see the inspiration fabric. I found a number (33) of small scraps of this and decided to make each block with a little of it.This is the pile of fabric scraps I thought would coordinate well (enough).It has been here incorporated into a crazy block before trimming. What? I said it was crazy.And here trimmed to 8.5". Scraps on the right will be discarded, scraps on the left back into the pile. Stashbuster Alert! It's a great use for those itty bitties that you just can't bear to toss. Speaking of which, I hear that the completely useless bits are (if clean) prized by pet rats for nesting in. Keep it out of the landfill for just a little longer!

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