Thursday, October 15, 2009

Time Warp: October 11, 2009

Oh, my goodness, what a night! The gang hung out knitting (spinning, crocheting) in the hallway until everyone was ready for dinner. Then we headed over to an Italian restaurant which, incidentally, was having a Live Band Karaoke Night. Oh, my. 'Twas quite loud. What? It was loud! What did you say? Loud! It's too loud! Oh, forget it, I'm going over to Starbuck's. And that's what I did. And guess what I did? I knitted. I know, what a shock! I had actually finished the second sock and was ready to go back and fix the first one. It was too short. That's what the little note is about. After dinner was over, we all went for ice cream--yummy! And then what did we do? Are you really asking? I mean, really? Duh. We knitted! And crocheted and spun and talked. One of us knows all about internet porn. One of us can't stand 4-way stops. One of us has special names for her body parts. One of us is woken up early by a man less than half her age. But I'm not tellin' who! We got together in the morning for breakfast, second breakfast for some, at a local restaurant, then a few of us geocached some more. After that, I drove up to Fresno to see Kosmo, one of my very best friends. (She knows where all the bodies are buried.) And she's knitting! She's a real can-do kind of person: once she gets an idea into her head, nothing will stop her. I really admire that. I finished the socks sitting next to her. They're a little big on Bear, but just right for me!

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