Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Why I Love Lifelines...

...or, Why I Hate Lifelines

But first, a definition.
Lifeline (noun) a thin thread run through a row of knitting in order to preserve the work up to that point, most commonly used in lacework due to the complication of the pattern.

  1. Lifelines save your work.
  2. They don't save all your work.
  3. Lifelines keep you from starting completely over.
  4. They won't let you rip out your work and start fresh.
  5. Lifelines keep you from "making do," and ask you to fix your mistakes.
  6. They encourage perfection, much like the Borg of Star Trek fame.
  7. Lifelines keep you sane.
  8. They don't really.
  9. Lifelines make you take the needles out of your work, creating near mayhem scenes, like this one.
  10. Lifelines use up all the dental floss.


Free Range Chick said...

I thought that was dental floss.

Lifelines are a love/hate thing. I hate having to stop working and put them in. Sure enough when I don't I need them and vise versa.

On the lighter side... Your yarn looks pretty.

Christine in Knevada said...

Finally! Some one with gumption enough to give us the straight dope on the lifeline! I appreciate the "Does not keep you sane" entry, while I thought it was just me. [Remember that statistic about one in four people....? Ha-ha!]~C.