Thursday, January 28, 2010

Banshee Braids Complete

News from the Sock War Front: Less than 140 knitters left alive. I'm distressed to discover that my warrior name, Mistress Spanksalot, was already in existence well before Sock Wars began. And guess what? She's a tramp! Huh. Who would have guessed?
Iron Knitter Update: I have finished my first pair and qualified for round 2. We don't know exactly when that will occur. It depends on how long it takes 90% of the players to knit 'em. I finished in a week. That puts me in the bottom half... but the top 90%!

And soon the Ravelympics will begin! I was recruited for Team Battlestar Kickasstica some months ago. There's really only minor prizes--it's more about challenging yourself. In a moment of solidarity, I agreed to change my ravatar (RAVelry AVATAR) to match the rest of the team, so here I am until the end of February. Oh, and "Spankrobber?" That's my call sign. Pilots are given them by their peers.

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