Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Isn't that a beautiful word? Something a princess would be named in a fairy tale.

Princess Chausette and the Ten Dancing Piggies

This is why I love the French language. The most mundane things become desireable and lovely simply by letting them roll off the tongue. Much like knitting, I think. What seems rather drab and everyday can become beautiful through the application of pattern or luscious fiber or simply attention to each stitch.
Which brings me to show off my Christmas yarn! No, it's not red and green. I asked for sock yarn for Christmas, and Boy! Did my family come through!
From left to right the new cast members are:
  1. Serendipity from Stricken Smitten
  2. T.C.O. from Sugarbee Studios
  3. The French Lieutenant's Woman from White Oak Studios
  4. Kaylee from Christina Marie Potter
  5. Wood Elves from Enchanted Knoll Farm

News from the Sock War Front: I'm still alive and waiting for socks in progress. There's an icky person posting on the bulletin board there, so we have been taught about the "Ignore User" button. (Just one of those folks who likes to stir up trouble.) There are about 155 still alive.

Oh, and Princess Chausette? In English, that would be Princess Sock. I'll still to French and go knit my chausettes.

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