Monday, April 26, 2010

History Best When Edited

This is the first in a series of questions answered by various bloggers this week. Today asks me to evaluate the origins of my own knitting. Seems to me this would work best as a list.

  1. Girl meets boy.

  2. Girl meets boy's mom.

  3. Boy's mom teaches girl to knit. (Also gives her giant bag of romance novels. In hindsight, maybe boy's mom was hoping girl would be making booties.)

  4. Girl begins long narrow strip of knitting, ostensibly a headband.

  5. Romance ends.

  6. Girl continues knitting, making the world's longest headband, as she does not know how to bind off.

  7. Girl meets new boy, resumes knitting, and begins scarf for new boy.

  8. Romance ends.

  9. Girl meets new new boy. Finishes scarf and gives it to new new boy.

  10. Romance ends.

  11. Girl meets man.

  12. Girl marries man and has baby.

  13. Girl is charmed by amazing fibers and makes scarf for self.

  14. Repeat step 12 until need for scarf is exceeded by a factor of ten.

  15. Girl knits sompin' else.

  16. Repeat step 15. A lot.

Important information: when knitting booties in three colors, you will have six ends per bootie to weave in. I'm just sayin'.

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