Tuesday, April 27, 2010


When asked if I can draw, well, duh. Of course I can draw! I could draw when I was in kindergarten. I can at least draw at that level. Sometimes better. Same goes for dancing. And playing the piano. Especially playing the piano. Sorry, Mom.
I don't like the idea of hanging back because I don't think my skill level isn't there. I can do most things. It's... other considerations.
  1. Materials If I want to make a big beautiful sweater coat straight out of Vogue, it's gonna take a lot of yarn. Even if I was as tiny as Hottie, it'd still take a lot. And it would be expected to match. Well, at least the washing instructions would have to be compatible.
  2. Attention Span Those sweater coats and bedspreads that take an average knitter six months of knitting would be long forgotten because, in case you haven't noticed, I like to work on more than one project at once. Short attention span is good for forgetting grudges, not so good for afghans.
  3. Portability Possibly the most important aspect of knitting for me. I think of knitting as a purse project and it's kinda hard to just drop a sweater into my purse. Unless it's a really big purse... But a big knitted purse would be a big project too...

So I guess I aspire to having knitted a sweater coat, but not to the actual knitting.

Ooh! I figured out something to aspire to: using up everything. That's right. Every inch of yarn, every scrap of fabric, every spool of thread. What do you mean, it's impossible? That's what aspirations are for!

Okay, okay. As this is a crafting blog, I can hear you asking, "Where are the pictures?"Right here, Sweetie.

Here is a simple quilt. Sometimes I just like grabbing the box of batiks and throwing a few very large squares together. These are cut 9.5". This is for border numero uno...and border numero due. (That's Italian for dos.) This is on my "Goals by Friday" list. Wish me luck.

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