Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Paper or Plastic?

Guess what this is? Now it's finished. Now it's in use. Yes, it's a furry grocery bag. I was given a length of this cheetah fur (fake, of course) and... well, what would YOU do with it? I didn't wanna stuff it in the stash and forget about it. And can you just imagine handing THAT over to the clerk?
"Paper or plastic?"

"Fur, please."

Here's instructions for making your own. Well, really, they're for making bags to use AND give away. As I've made a grand total of one, I think I'll use mine.

Just a few people that make my computer/world a better place

A knitter/blogger/everythinger that inspires me: Jane Brocket

A knitter that just makes me laugh: Yarn Harlot

A crafter that's making something cool that I'm buying: Black Belt Knitter. If you want the possible bonus, jump on it soon!


Chiloe said...

Oh my! fur ? NOw, this is very classy ;-)

Free Range Chick said...

A furry grocery bag is kinda cool. I bet everyone in line will be jealous.